Moving Imps from one model to another

I have a number of models and Imps. How do I move an Imp from 1 model to another. I can assign an Imp when it is an unassigned device, but have no way to move an Imp from a model back to unassigned.

Please advise.


p.s. Is there a maximum number of models?

Assigning a different model to a device is actually the same process as assigning a model to a new device with one tiny difference. Instead of finding the device under “Unassigned Devices,” you’ll find it listed under the model name it’s associated to in the left hand nav bar.

You can have an unlimited number of models, however as a non-commercial developer you’re restricted to 100 devices.

It was unclear how to move it. I had to copy the device id from the active model, then search for that id, and then I could move it to a new model.

Is there an easier way?


As mentioned in this thread, there currently is not a better way - however we’re working on a more intuitive system for creating and assigning models.