More Pins

I got a Nokia 5110 LCD connected and working, inspired by the blog post.

Unfortunately, this required all 6 pins on my April breakout board.

How would you approach adding more pins for additional inputs and outputs?

Since this has come up a few times recently, I’m going to list the Electric Imp module breakouts that I know are available. The module has 12 IO pins available vs the 6 available on the Imp card.

Electric Imp Module breakouts:


miHomeImp - Available now.


Aria - Available now.
P3V3 - Available now.
C3V0 - Available next week.

A imp002 would leave a few pins avaliable.
Or you could get hacking …
The lite and rst pins arent used extensivly in the code, if you move some pins around, you can free up on 8+9 and then add a I2C IO expander which will use two of the pins to replace rst+lite and have up to 14pins left over for you.

Or you could just replace the imp001 with a 002 breakout which gives you 6 extra pins :slight_smile: