Minor android app v1.0 bug

This bug is VERY minor, but I notice inconsistencies like this.

This was Android app v1.0, running on an HTC One V, Running Android 4.0.3.  I don’t even have an Imp yet, just playing around with the blinkup application.

The first time I send a blinkup, for WPS, or any network I have predefined, it goes beepbeepbeepflashbeep
If I then press “Send BlinkUp” again, it goes beeppausebeepflashbeep

This occurs once for each entry in the network list, including WPS.  After that if I restart my phone, or force stop the application and restart it, will reset and beep 3 times the first time I run blinkup for a particular network, and then only beep twice for that same network each time after.

Again, very minor, but is just an inconsistency.


After getting bored and playing with it more.  I have found it is not 100% reproducible, closer to 50% it misses the middle beep I would guess.


Thanks l33tbunni.  Looks like you’ll need to order an imp dev kit to keep you entertained :slight_smile:

Its on the way. :smiley:


There’s actually a new version of the android app on the way (probably later tonight) which actually removes the audio prompts altogether; android shuts down the audio path after the last beep and this can cause frames to drop during the flash sequence.

Once things are stable across more devices then we’ll reintroduce the audio :slight_smile:

I have yet to receive my imp devices, but today I did have a look at the Android app.

Could you PLEASE have the app save/remember my login credentials?
Reentering complex passwords on a smartphone keyboard is not my idea of fun.  :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I’ll likely put them in a plaintext file on the device so I can copy/paste them.

It should be saving/remembering them if you don’t kill the app? Have you got steps to repeat? I’ve not seen this issue in my usage of the android app.

It seems to remember the WiFi credentials, but not my electricImp Account Name and Password.  I have to re-enter those every single time I lanuch the app.