Miniature Smart Home Project


Working on this project but struggling to get my head around how everything will work together.

So I have a very large doll house which is kitted out with loads of different smart home like devices (eg lights that can go on/off, front/garage door which can open/close all controlled via electric imps. - fully functional independently

I am aiming to create a web app which is a central control hub for all these devices.

The components I currently have and plan on using are: web app made of bootstrap, mysql database, electric imp. Plan on using php and possibly json(?) but cant quite figure out clearly how everything should work together and in what order I should do things. Not looking for a bunch of code but more just the steps I need to take in order to achieve a website where I can switch the lights of the house and turn the heating on etc…

Any points I’ve missed out let me know and ill try answer.
Thanks in advance.