Micro Stepper Motors


I was given a box of tiny 4 Wire 2 Phase micro stepper motors. Would looove to use them with the Imp, but can not find any reference to how I might do that. Any suggestions?


Here are the motors in question:

I haven’t used those motors before, but I’ve built a project with a 4-wire, 2-phase stepper motor before.

I used a L293D dual h-bridge IC and the circuit outlined in Figure 6 of the datasheet.

Here’s some code to go along with it: https://gist.github.com/beardedinventor/9ccdfabaf1cf6c53ecb4

NOTE: That code does some blocking stuff, which isn’t exactly the best thing in the world… but it’s a good starting point!

Sith a stepper driver you can have that handle most of the work, all you need is an enable pin, direction, and step.

To make the stepper move you pull the enable pin to gnd (if I remember it right), pull direction to gnd or high and it will change direction depending on what it is, and then just pulse the step pin to make the motor move.

I just bought some larger stepper motors from Sparkfun. The plan is to automate opening some of the windows in my house that have hand cranks on them. As soon as I get the details sorted out, I’ll work making a stepper motor shield for the P3V3 dev board. I do have a FET shield on the way which will drive LED strips and smaller motors.

Thanks. I will carry on experimenting… Programming is not my forte (yet). but the potential is there :slight_smile:

Joel …
You must have nice new windows. Any windows I have with a crank, almost require a hydraulic motor to turn them :slight_smile: