Max frequency of updates to xively w/o getting booted?

tomorrow i need to deploy my imp with 5 thermistors in an attic to analyze temps on pipes on a solar hot water system. we modified it and need to analyze a specific 20 minute period when the system builds steam and stabalizes in stagnation during an overheating scenario.

i got booted from xively using 20 second intervals last november. they blocked my ip addys. i am now at 1 minute data posting frequency. is that ok?

They likely can’t block just you, there are likely a number of Imps agents using the same external address, so they make have accidentally blacklisted an IP used by AWS that Imp traffic was coming from.

oh cool, so tomorrow i can keep my sampling resolution at 1 minute or less for at least a few days. and as i wrote this i realized i can adjust sampling remotely, and increase it during sun events as needed, remotely. man, the imp is amazing.

Xively is aware that multiple devices / feeds come from our servers, so limits should be setup properly (25 calls/minute). Xively lists the following for developer accounts:

Unlimited Development Devices with unlimited channels Development devices store data for 30 days. Developer Account API limit 25 API calls per minute, 3 minute moving average.

beardedinventor is correct. We solved the IP blacklist issue, which was a one time problem. You are currently rate limited by your user account (API keys attached to it). This means that your devices can use a total 25requests/min. This is for all requests, including GET PUT and socket connections. So if you are just sending data into Xively, you could theoretically have your 5 devices update every 30 seconds and only use 10reqs/min.

However, if you also have an app on the front end. Say a javascript dashboard, keep in mind that is also using your requests. If you haven’t had any problems at 1req/min/device then you should be fine now.

Rate limit overages fail very verbosely, so if you are over your limit you will get a 403 with a body saying “you are over your limit” you can always test for this and then store datapoints locally for a few minutes until you are ready to send again.

So is the limit for each device?
I’d like to have a mobile app querying the sensor data. But if I have +25 mobile users at the same time, will I be blocked?

You may want to check out Grovestreams. They limit PUTs from a single device to no more often than once every 10 seconds. However, you can read the data (your mobile users) as often as you desire without being blocked.