MakeDeck launch: Friday @ 7PM EST - IoT/Electric Imp focused Open Hardware company

MakeDeck will officially open on Friday evening at 7PM EST. We are an open hardware startup with a focus on IoT and the Electric Imp. Our first product, the Aria reference board is coming off of the assembly line, and we will have 100 available for purchase. In the coming weeks our first two designs, Pluggee and Chargee will become available. Also in the works are a FET shield, thermocouple amplifier breakout, custom enclosure and prototyping breadboard. Thanks in advance to everyone who supports us!

Good luck!
Do you have a website?

Jweher good work can’t wait.

Sorry to be a bit dim! Aria uses the imp002 Developer Edition?

  1. So it can be blinked-up using e.imp App & doesn’t have to be Blessed?
  2. That using Blinkup App adds device to your Developer account?


@DolfTraanberg -

@controlCloud - The imp002 module works that same way that the card does. You blink it up the same way, and only bless it if you want to move it to a commercial account. The nice thing is that you can mount the blink up components anywhere you want. Aria doesn’t let you do that (easily), but my upcoming designs, Pluggee and Chargee are set up to do that nicely. All imps are developer imps until/unless they are blessed to be a commercial device, so yep it will show up in your developer account as soon as you blink it up. I’ve been using the imp002 almost exclusively for a while. I really like the flexibility, size and extra IO’s.

Congratulations! always great to hear of people starting new ventures like this.

You may already know this but Pluggee and are products or at least potential products on the market. Is yours one and the same? or have you coincidentally used the same name?

Thanks! I didn’t look, but I did assume that those name had probably been used a number of times for different things. I’m not wed to those names, so I’ll change them if necessary. Right now all I really care about is that they are solid designs, and getting them through manufacturing!

MakeDeck has launched! Thanks in advance to everyone who supports us, and please let me know if you see anything incorrect on the site, or have any issues using the shop.

Sounds interesting. Look forward to checking out your new company.

@jwehr Just had a look at the website and want to give you a virtual high-five!


Also, have you thought of doing a “soldering-free” imp Breakout board that exposes i2c connector(s) to make use other people company’s existing “plug and play” modules, I was thinking for example seeed’s “grove” system.

It’d be for good teaching and “plug and players”

@back_ache Thanks! I am really enjoying it. Yes, I am working to make all of the boards able to accomodate everyone from pro’s looking to prototype fast all the way to the new enthusiast who doesn’t want to learn to solder. The two designs that I have coming will be sold with various header type installed (male, female, right angle ect), and possibly screw terminals. The “shields” that I am designing will plug directly into my breakouts, but I very much want them to be compatible with as much of the other hardware out there as possible.

I just got a notification that the P3V3 and Vanessa boards have shipped, so they should be at the manufacturer for assembly this week. First prototype of the C3V0 board is looking good. I’m really excited about that board, its so much fun to just plug in a LiPo and start prototyping.

By the way, SeeedStudio is doing all of my board fabrication right now. They have a new Premium PCB service that allows you to panelize boards for manufacturing. I intend to keep working with them on a lot of projects. Also, for anyone in the Lancaster PA area, SMT Manufacturing Group is doing my board assembly, and they have been fantastic to work with.