Looking for suggestions for imp casing + connecting remote multiple sensors to one imp


I have built a motion detector using PIR sensor with IMP on a breadboard and looking to put a few of these in various rooms at home to test out the efficacy. I wanted to check if there are recommendations on:

  1. casing that would hold a battery+imp (on an April board) + PIR sensor.
  2. Also, if there are vendors that offer custom PCBs in small quantities to replace the breadboard

Finally, is there any recommendations around how to connect 3 sensors that are in 3 different rooms to one imp wirelessly in a low cost way (i.e. lower than the cost of adding an imp to each sensor).

Thanks in advance.

oshpark.com is a first-rate service for custom pcbs.

RFM12B radios would be a way to do communication between sensors and an imp. XBee is another and similar way. I am sure there are others but the general idea is to connect radio links that act like a UART.

thanks…can the RFM12B radio communicate with sensors that have walls between them (lower floor sensor talking to upper floor sensor that is connected to imp).

Also, any suggestions on custom casings for imps + circuitry similar to custom pcbs.