Logs from different agent-devices intermixed

I somewhat panicked this morning when I saw log messages from different agent-device pairs intermixed. I was looking at the log for one agent-device and saw messages from another. Obviously, I wondered what I had done to cause this. I simply clicked on the model and then reselected a device and things cleared up. I’ve seen this occur several times this morning, so it was not just a one time issue.

Actually, I’m seeing it, again, right now.

(Edited) The time stamps are also getting screwy until you click on the model and then click on the device. Just to be clear, I’m even getting logs across models! BTW, I’m using Safari 7.0.5 in Mac OS 10.9.4.

(Edited) Just noticed the thread in the IDE & Tools area. This was not only duplicates, but also cross-model log entries. I had inadvertently not logged off for a day or two and likely had not restarted my browser. I’m guessing restarting resulted in the code being refreshed.

I fired up Firefox and haven’t seen it. I also just quit Safari and haven’t seen it after a relaunch. Hmmm…

Seriously, I’m sure I’ve had enough, but not too much coffee this morning!

(Edited) I’m now seeing duplicate entries in Firefox, too. So…it’s not a Safari issue. That being said, I’m not seeing cross-model log messages (yet).

This appears to be a new bug from an IDE release that went out yesterday.

We have reverted the IDE to before the release (you may need to refresh the browser), and currently investigating the issue.