Log pane not visible

My log appears now, at home and at work (behind a firewall).

@aloharich my issue is still outstanding. See my previous posts for some more details but basically I have Websockets disabled because my corporate proxy does not support them and it makes loading websites with Websockets load much more slowly (basically I have to wait for the Websocket to time out and the fall over to HTTP longpolling to pick up).

I am using Firefox 25 on Windows XP. In order to replicate the issue go to the URL about:config and set network.websocket.enabled to false. No models/devices load on the IDE.

I can fix the issue by changing network.websocket.enabled to true but there is several seconds of lag (presumably the websocket timeout) before anything loads… I think a simple if statement to check if Websocket exists in the Javascript code would fix my issue.

@deldrid1 we can certainly put this check in, but websocket support is required. there is no falling back to long polling.

Hi guys,

looks like the issue with disappeared Log Panel is back and coupled with the Run option being absent from the Build & Run button.

Can write the code, but can not Run it.

Can someone please look into this?


@yulia - sounds like you are viewing your code at the model level, rather than the device level.

There should be a blue drop down that says “Devices” under the model name, if you click on that and select your device, the “Build” button should change to “Build and Run” and you should see the log panes for that device!

Here’s a complete IDE User Guide with lots more information: electricimp.com/docs/resources/ideuserguide/

I don’t know that this is the best thread, but I’ve changed Agent code several times (added new server.log statements) and in spite of several “Build and Run” attempts, it’s still not running the new agent code.

@ctmorrisonhvacsp - can you DM or email a deviceid/mac address of one of the agents that’s not working?

The device code changes take right away. However, nothing I do will make the agent code run. Here’s the device id: 236159eb6e4936ee

Looks like this is a side effect of the maintenance from this morning - we’re looking into the issue at the moment.

I’ll update this thread when it’s been resolved.

I’ve also noticed that what was once an almost immediate log entry when a device sends a message to an agent, is now taking many seconds (15?). The device posts when expected, but the agent log entries are definitely delayed as compared to “before”. I suspect some of the maintenance changes have resulted in this.

For what it’s worth, I moved this device between models earlier today.

Issues on the developer servers should be resolved now - if you’re continuing to experience issues please let us know.

Same as before. Changes to device code go live immediately. Changes to agent code do not take effect. I have several server.log statements at the beginning of my agent code and none of them are displayed in the log. New code (sending new header) in a function is also not being run, so I’m sure the current agent’s code is not being run.

Is there any way it could simply be rebuilding or installing an older version of the agent code?

Sorry for the delayed response - we just ran our community hangout.

We’ve deployed another fix that should have resolved the issue (and some local testing indicates that it’s working). Are you still have issues?