Log pane not visible

I do not see the log pane running Safari on my iMac, can though on my MBA!?

As I need to work on a large screen (iMac) and need the log pane to debug this is becoming an issue!!

Please advice.

cheers, Moose

Is it just collapsed? Can you see a handle to drag up a divider at the bottom of the code window?

No, in case of iMac no handle visible.
In case of MBA no issues, so log pane visible and log data continuously updated.
In case of MB (you may have noticed a preference for a certain brand of products :slight_smile: ) the log pane is visible but not showing any data :-S

Cheers, Moose

Given that the IDE has no idea what it’s running on, this sounds like a browser side issue on your iMac. Same version of safari on both?

All three running Safari Version 7.0 (9537.71) and OS X 10.9

Same on Firefox / Win7. Log panel is visible, not updating data, ie use server.log, but doesn’t appear.

Edit: Firefox is version 24

I’m having a similar issue, log panel is visible but not updating, I did see it update once on cold boot of device but was delayed by several minutes, since then no update since. OSX 10.8.2, Safari 6.0.2

I’m having issues using Firefox 24.0 on Windows XP. I’m fairly certain its because I’m behind a corporate firewall which doesn’t support websockets and have forcefully disabled them for all the reasons and using the method described here.

Firefox throws an error “ReferenceError: WebSocket is not defined” from line 291 of https://ide.electricimp.com/js/ide-c.js?v1.3-14-g4e9e89b. No impees/models get loaded in the Left Nav Group.

Chrome works as expected (and I assume more gracefully falls over to longpolling).

@deldrid1 - can you try refreshing the page / restarting your browser?

This might be your browser caching some old JS.

refreshing the page seemed to work for me in Safari

Still not working for me (both running with Cache completely disabled and after clearing the cache with it enabled).

Like I mentioned I have a pretty particular setup… Here’s the trace from firebug:
`ReferenceError: WebSocket is not defined
getModel()ide-c…4e9e89b (line 291)
getModel(o=Window ide, u=Document ide, l=undefined)ide-c…4e9e89b (line 291)
(?)(require=function(), module=Object { exports={…}}, exports=Object {})ide-c…4e9e89b (line 291)
e(o=4, u=undefined)ide-c…4e9e89b (line 1)
e(t=Object { 1=[2], 2=[2], 3=[2], more…}, n=Object { 1={…}, 2={…}, 3={…}, more…}, r=[4])ide-c…4e9e89b (line 1)
ide-c.js?v1.3-14-g4e9e89b()ide-c…4e9e89b (line 292)

…>’)});$("#layout_IDE_panel_top").parent().append(’<div class="hide-handle …`

I can’t get this to fail this morning. Not sure if the team have made any changes.

Tue AM (8:40 CDT). Log not showing for me either.

We suspect this is the port number being a pain. Should be deploying an IDE/backend change to address this later today.

I really hope for a solution

I still have nothing in my log screen. Any hope for a fix soon?

To help us debug, can you provide the browser, version and OS being used, and any log messages from the console?

For the last few days, the log shows up at home on all browsers, but at work, behind a firewall, the log is blank on all browsers. So, not a browser issue (my opinion). Must be a port issue?

Yes, that would imply a port issue. If you could refresh the browser and try now we have adjusted the setup to hopefully get around any firewall type issues.

in my case i get a log, but when i clear it, after a couple of seconds it comes back. i can’t get rid of it

2013-11-01 17:01:18 UTC+1: [Device] Button 1 state: 0
2013-11-01 17:01:20 UTC+1: [Device] Button 2 state: 1
2013-11-01 17:01:20 UTC+1: [Device] Button 2 state: 0
2013-11-01 15:53:29 UTC+1: [Power State] Power state: online=>offline
2013-11-01 15:53:34 UTC+1: [Power State] Power state: offline=>online
2013-11-01 15:53:34 UTC+1: [Status] Device booting