Is there any experience/opportunity to utilize LiveCode to create a BlinkUp app? It would seem to me that this might lower (remove?) one hurdle faced when moving from Dev to Production. I’m also curious as to the ability to use Apple’s Swift programming language (well, it’s not theirs, but it’s what they recently adopted), but that does limit the developed application to iOS.

I don’t think we’ve experimented a whole lot with how well the BlinkUp SDK plays with cross-platform mobile development tools like LiveCode and PhoneGap. The most important bit here is whether the development tools allow native code libraries/execution…

We’ve tested the BlinkUp SDK with a Swift app (and coded the BlinkUp delegates in Swift) and it works great. I believe @smittytone is working on a document right now that goes through the extra steps required to get the BlinkUp SDK working in a Swift app.

I’ll readily admit I’m a newbie when it comes to mobile applications and this is definitely a hurdle that’s currently too high for me to attempt. Providing some additional assistance/guidance/tutorials in this area would likely help more folks like me move from Dev to Ops. Until then, I’ll continue to run our modest fleet in Dev.

Livecode’s developer doc’s seem to indicate that using the SDK as an external piece of code should be possible

BTW For the uninitiated livecode is a high-level language from Scotland and is based on Apple’s “hypercard” and it can produce apps that run on every platform

Will we need an export license to rUK?

@DrJack can you clarify what you mean by export license? The imp uses commercial-grade encryption and so cannot be shipped to certain countries but the UK isn’t one of those :slight_smile:

Just joking about software exports from Scotland (see @back-ache comment) to the rest of UK on the day the Scots voted in their independence referendum.

Duh, sorry sense of humour didn’t put those two posts together :slight_smile: