Live Hangout - Thursday 2:00-4:00 (PDT)

We’re going to be having a live hangout this Thursday from 2-4 (PDT). We’ll post more details (like a link to the hangout) on Thursday… stay tuned to this post, or our twitter (@electricimp) for more information!

Come ask questions, show off your project, or just hang out with some folks from Electric Imp, and it’s community!

Come to the Google+hangout page or can we also come to the offices?

Either, both? We have the conference room in our office reserved for this event, so if you’re in the Bay Area on Thursday and would like to come in person we’d be more than happy to have you.



I’m just sending to @Lolo an handful of of breakout boards for imp002 and some other stuff. Should arrive by Thursday, so if will have people showing up feel free to give away some breakout :slight_smile:


I’m wondering are the April boards available from anywhere.
I’ve found the IMP002 on digikey and smartmaker.
While smartmakers development kit is excellent for total breadboard, I’d prefer for stability as many standard parts on the board - LEDS, photo transistor and power supply.

April boards are on digikey, see

…Adafruit also sell these. Sparkfun sell their own equivalent.

Oops got the name wrong trying to find the breakout for the IMP002/module which I think is called Amber (An April for modules) - be nice to have a picture on the wiki to see the layout of the connectors.
If I search at digikey for imp002 doesn’t show Amber but has the IMP002-S-US
Adafruit isn’t showing any IMP002s

Yep, nobody is selling an Amber; smartmaker have the closest thing but as you said it has no power supply etc.

Only digikey have imp002 right now.