Lithium Battery Solutions

The new information regarding lithium battery solutions is really helpful. I am currently building Solution C in Eagle with the goal of printing a board with the smallest reasonable footprint. I was hoping I could get someone to suggest the largest necessary sizes for the caps and resistors in that solution. Thanks!

Ditto that! I’m getting ready to use solder-down Imps in a project. I have my BOM for all the parts for the buck, charger, etc., but none of the schematics have volt ratings for caps and such. Thanks!

Glad you’re finding the new reference design helpful!

jwehr: we use all 0402 components unless otherwise noted for our in-house designs. If you’re not sure if you’ll be able to solder 0402s manually, 0603 or 0805 should still get you a nice small board.

Andy (I presume): the lithium-ion solutions all have the voltage rating labeled on all of the capacitors. Can you let me know what specifically you’re wondering about and I’ll try and help?

Thanks Tom! I’ve built a number of the Amber boards by hand, and am actually getting pretty comfortable soldering 0402 components. I want to use this board for wearable projects, so it will be small. I’m going to to take you up on the offer you made a few months ago to look it over when it is ready as well. :slight_smile:

Also, have you built anything with an inductive charging circuit? I currently have a Mini-USB port for charging, but those are just huge. Can’t think of a great alternative, and I don’t really want to use micro-USB.

@jwehr: have a look at this
It is actually available in more stores (also outside of Europe) and comes in a 5V and a 3.3V version. Have been using a 5V now for a couple of days now just supplying an impee board. Next step is to supply a LiPo charger (like the one Sparkfun sells) that will be connected to the impee board, a temp sensor and a LiPo battery. Will all be put in a tiny closed box, no wires, no input/output ports: just clean! Temp values will be sent to Xively.

cheers, Moose

Nice. That is exactly what I’ve been thinking about doing with my BBQ thermocouple temp monitor, so I could seal it up. Adafruit has one as well.

I was also thinking of using it with wearables… instead of having to plug them in, you just lay them on the charger.

Joel … you have way too much time on your hands. Either that, or you’re planning on “imping” the entire world?

Yep, its part of my world domination plan… gigantic imp-net army. There just aren’t enough imp-hours in a day.


Just updated all the battery guides with some small tweaks, but they may not appear on the site for a day or two, so they’re all attached here. (Joel and I were talking about this, just wanted to make sure everyone who might want the latest has it).