Libraries and files (is this an all in one deal?)

I’m accustomed to splitting up my code a little bit. It seems to me that the IDE wants me to put all my code in one giant “file” – well, one giant text window. I’d like to split it up a bit, but I don’t see any IDE interfaces for it. So then I started looking around for methods of publishing my own libraries, but I can’t find that either. Where are the docs on publishing your own … ah, I guess they’re called nuts?

At this stage, there’s no way to incorporate ad hoc libraries into code edited in the IDE. I ran into this a while back when I started using the same class in multiple applications: I suddenly needed a way to change the class without having to edit every single application. My solution was to write a local desktop app that ‘compiles’ #include’d files into the imp appliction’s primary device and agent source files. Originally the resulting source was dropped into the pasteboard for pasting into the IDE, but now I use the Build APIto upload it directly. Result: I do almost all of my imp coding locally and barely touch the IDE.

PS. A little more info on what I did can be found in this Community Blog post.

Yeah, I figured there’d be some way to do it in the Build API. It’s marked beta, so I figured there’d be some built-in way to do some basic code re-use. OKie. I’ll just look at the Build API early (imo, beta is for beta and I rarely touch it).

Thanks for your replies.

In Build’s case, ‘beta’ means ‘it’s all done, but we‘re hedging our bets with the naming in case we decide to add something’.

Ahh. A Googley Beta.