Legacy mode missing in custom GUI methods - Android

Hi, I checked the docs and I found that if you want to make a custom GUI you need to use the methods:

public void setupDevice(Activity activity, String ssid, String password, String apiKey, BlinkupController.ServerErrorHandler errorHandler)

public void setupDevice(Activity activity, String wpsPin, String apiKey, BlinkupController.ServerErrorHandler errorHandler)

The problem is, there is no option to enable the legacy mode, only by the properties for standard gui( showLegacyMode = true ),

How could I enable the legacy mode if I have a custom layout?.

Thanks in advance

Have your tried setting the BlinkupController’s showLegacyMode property directly?

Legacy Mode is only required for imps running very old versions of the impOS.

Your imps should be leaving your factory upgraded to latest version… so I believe you should be able to ignore the Legacy Mode feature.