LED Indiciating WIFI Status

I’m interested in creating a LED to indicate WiFi status. I know the IMP flashes its LED pattern when it first starts up, but after a while it will go quiet- either by failing to connect and going to sleep, or successfully connecting and staying awake.

I’d like to connect a LED to the Imp and simply have it ON when the imp is connected to a network, and OFF when the imp is disconnected.

I see there is a “getbssid” object, but that seems overkill for what I want. I also understand that this might be difficult without actively sending data to the server.

Is there anything to do what I want? I could set something up like http://forums.electricimp.com/discussion/874/is-my-imp-within-my-wifi-area-lets-test-it-out-/p1 but that also seems excessive. Should I just have periodic GET/POST requests and then turn the LED off if it fails (is that even possible?)

I posted the wifi thread …

And that’s what I do. I latch a digital out pin, and then I make the remote PHP script send back a value to unlatch it. The PHP script has two seconds to respond back and unlatch the pin, otherwise the imp knows that the PHP script didn’t get the message.

At this point it requires the HTTP_IN and HTTP_REQUEST nodes in your planner. Once the agents are released to public, the imp will be able to do that without the planner, which will make it more transparent.

The imp also has a nice WiFi antenna. I have to walk almost 100 feet from my house before it loses the connection. And my house has steel siding.

Over time, they will be adding even more agents. The concept of the agents will be the thing that really opens the floodgates for the imp capabilities.

imp.rssi() will return 0 when not connected.

doh! Oh well, I learned something by playing around anyhow.

imp.rssi() will return 0 when not connected.
for clarification: imp.rssi() gives only your dBm status of your connection to the wifi router. It doesn't say anything about your internet connection.

Hmm that rssi sounds like exactly what I want. I just want some persistent feedback as to if I am connected to a wifi network. @mlseim maybe I’ll implement your solution if i need internet feedback