It's alive!

Got it up and running with no problem. The Samsung Galaxy S (original galaxy i897 is the model I think) was my weapon of choice. I did cup my hands around the Blink Up, after it failed a couple times, but realized it was likely the glare from the glass, so I backed it off the glass a few mm and it worked just fine. Scope says the LED demo is blinking as expected. Next up, develop a sick outdoor and/or security application. Kudos to the team! The possibilities are endless. - Troy

Glad all is well Troy.  I agree that the possibilities are endless and seeing what kind of creations folks come up with is the best part!  I mean, we’ve just released the imp out into the world and there’s obviously a learning curve for everyone but things are already rolling in and I can only imagine what doohickeys you all will be rolling out!

Looking forward to seeing your imp-enabled gadget in action!