Issues with imps

I am having some other issues, but while troubleshooting, I deleted both of my running imps. They do not do what I expect when deleted: they are both in the ‘new devices’ list even though I have unplugged them and deleted them… Is this normal/ expected?

Related: I can only seeem to get the agent running for one of my two imps, and never have my imps come on line despite them appearing to go on line, and running the simple pin 9 blink code. Any thoughts?

Also related: is the obsolete documentation referring to the old planner ever going to be deleted, or well marked as obs/ ‘depreciated’?

That is expected behaviour. When you ‘delete a device’ what you’re actually doing is deleting the association the device (what the Imp is plugged into) and the model (what code is running).

If you delete an imp that is still configured to your account (through BlinkUp), the next time it talks to the server, it will show up as a new device. If you want to remove a device, and have it not show up in your account - first clear the config with wifi (so that your imp is blinking orange), then delete the device from your account.

Can you give more information about the only having one agent with two imps? What kind of a setup are you running with your imps (ie - does each imp have it’s own board, or are you sharing and swapping).

The old docs are going to go away and be deleted (we just have a couple final pieces to move). We’re pretty happy with how they are marked as deprecated right now (large bold text on every page that includes deprecated functionality).