Is there an EU version of an IMP002 breakout?

Funny story: unable to locate an EU version of the IMP002 I decided to construct my own. Sparkfun gerber were sent to OSHPart, components ordered from Digikey and today I sat down to solder it together. Eight hours later I just cannot solder the mongrel WSON8 part. Seriously; eight hours.

Does anyone sell an EU version of the IMP002 breakout?

Which breakout are you referring to? We may have a blank board we can send you.

Hi Hugo,

What I’m after is an Amber-like pre-built IMP002-EU. Even the Sparkfun IMP002 breakouts sold here in Oz are the US version.

As a last resort I tried to solder my own Sparkfun IMP002-EU breakouts but was defeated by the leadless wson8. Well not quite defeated yet, I’m going to try a hacker-space for help.

In fact any pre-built IMP00x breakout would be fine for me as long as it has the EU version and a USB/batt option. I know I bang on about the EU version but it’s a real PITA when the IMP fails to connect to 1/3 of AP’s.

BTW how is the IMP003 part labelled for the different wifi regions? I can’t find anything in the datasheet and Digikey only sell one version.

You guys at Electric Imp are great, I’m sure hobbyists are only a tiny part of your sales so thanks for your support and hopefully we give something back as product testers far and wide.


imp003 is US only until you bless it (making it into a commercial device). At that point you can use imp.setcountrycode() to change it to an EU channel set.

The same command works on imp002. Technically, you could buy a US imp002 breakout then bless it (setting country to EU) then unbless and it’d “stick” as an EU spec. There’s no hardware difference between the models.