Is server.setpermanentvalues() device only?

It looks like server.setpermanentvalues() is device only. Why doesn’t the agent have access to the permanent values?

makes sense that only the imp has access. if the agent could change the values, they wouldn’t be permanent.

The agent equivalent is half-in. A device can always send values to the agent, which then saves them, if it wants both sides to know them.

would allowing the agent to read-only the server.permanent be useful? i have a situation where that would be nice.

I have a situation in which read-only from the agent would be very handy. i have a table kept on the imp in server.permanent. it’s values are sometimes needed out in the world. right now i send a request to the agent via http.onrequest(). it sends a device.send() to the imp. the imp sends the table back with agent.send(). the agent needs to wait to get the table from the imp before responding to the http request.
this is cumbersome, so i’m going to keep a sync’d table on the agent, but if the agent could read the server.permanent, that would be great.

I will post this on Suggestions as well.