Is it too soon to ask a question about the C001?


I searched but didn’t see any topics on the ImpC001.Is it ok to ask about the pin mix ? I’m preparing a website and database for the C001, in advance. The impC001 Pin Mux shows many ADC’s. Is that great a number really available all at once? Or is their use restricted to a jumper or setting?


We currently expect that there will be eleven ADC-capable pins on impC001. They won’t be muxed in any way and will all be usable independently.

The sampler currently has a limitation of 8 pins sampled simultaneously, but that’s not even enough for imp003 (which has ten ADC-capable pins), so we’re thinking of changing it.



OK, I see the eleven. Which are the three that are not available at this time?


All eleven will be equivalent. The sampler will (unless we fix it) sample any eight at once – just not all eleven at once.



I understood the PinMux page to say that we wouldn’t have the pulsecounter. Do you understand the DAC and PWM ? Will we have at least one each of them?


We expect pins U and YS will be DAC-capable, and the following pins PWM-capable: D, H, J, M, P, XD, YJ, and YT.

The pulse-counter is not yet implemented, but if/when it is, will most likely be pin D.



Fantastic! Can barely wait.


If you are interested, we can provide you the current preliminary datasheet… PM for more details.


Thank you. I think I have it. I was confused about the column labeled J1/J2 .


Not sure what column that is?

J1/J2 are main and diversity antenna connections (diversity is RX only and LTE only)