Is it possible to know IMP003 MAC address before connecting to Wi-Fi?

Hi, IMP003 has a QR code.

  1. How is the QR-code formatted?
  2. Does it have the MAC address?
  3. Would you recommend your customers to use this QR-code?
  4. Is it possible for me to know MAC address before I connect to Wi-Fi?

It is actually a Data Matrix not a QR code. It is a unique number (eg 2000000596) that is used for tracking and failure analysis.

We pushed to have the MAC address in the data matrix but because the imp003 is manufactured by Murata they had final say and their factory flow did not allow it.

This image is a bit misleading as it was taken before the module was in production so the data matrix was photoshopped in using an imp002 as the source which does contain the MAC address.

We do not recommend customers use the data matrix for anything other than tracking or failure analysis.

It is not possible to know the MAC without running Squirrel which requires connecting to WiFi at least once.

Thank you Brandon for the detailed information. Even though I didn’t originally ask this question, I do have a need for knowing the MAC ID before hand and appreciate the response.

On some networks that my device may appear on, the device MAC ID needs to be authorized on the network prior to gaining access. So it is helpful to know the MAC before deployment. However, in my factory process I can get the MAC and then provision it through a list based on the MAC and an ID label that is external to the device.