Is it Possible? - Electric Imp for "Memory Less" .JPG --> FTP Camera Upload?

Is it possible to use the Electric Imp as a “simple” image --> FTP transfer from a camera? The use case is, I have a studio and rather than filling up SD (memory) cards and/or using “tethered” shooting, it would be fantastic if it was possible to use an Electric Imp to: - insert in a standard SLR camera, capture an image and have the Electric Imp read the incoming camera data (e.g. JPG) but really act as a bridge to FTP the shot(s) directly to a studio desktop for editing all in near real-time without wires (tethered), sneaker net (sd cards) and card management (erase / format) or worry about card losses and security. It is possible to outfit most quality SLRs with WIFI “grips” that can support FTP for un-tethered capture, but it would be even better if there was a generic solution that was small (SD) for travel with laptop, alternative studios, etc. I do have the Eye-Fi Pro solution but in studio settings, often the card has not been managed (half-full) or gets stolen, etc. I understand the Electric Imp is * not * an SD card, but wondered if it could act as an “image gateway” from an SLR. it would be fantastic for studio work and superior to wired, sd, eye-fi and custom grip solutions that currently exist. thanks!

Nevermind my post. I commented on the wrong post

An Imp might look like an SD card, but it cannot be used as one. The protocols and even the pinout are completely different. You might want to look at an EyeFi card.

The imp can’t help you there I’m afraid. The eye-fi is the closest thing that exists that I know of - you need to have several GB of actual real flash memory on board to store the pictures the camera writes (so it can write them fast and be ready to take more pictures).

The imp doesn’t have enough flash to even store a single picture.

Hugo and Remcohn, thanks… i’m happy the Imp has near zero memory, i don’t want it to store anything, just buffer in --> ftp --> upload and keep no data on the card. what i want is a “camera FTP bridge”. i’m assuming it’s not possible, but need to confirm before spending the time making an (inferior) box for the USB or going the more proprietary “grip route”. thank you

“Buffer in” when the camera has to believe it has a multiple megabyte (if not GB) block storage device is not possible on the imp.

Cameras do not “stream” their data to a memory card. They maintain a local filesystem, believing nothing else has access to it, and so data is writen in chunks along with FAT updates and so on.

It’s not possible. Eye-Fi does it in the only way that this IS possible without modification of camera firmware, and they’ve spent many years making this work.

Hugo, thank you. it confirms my initial review. i’ll still use Imp for other IoT things, but “wishful thinking” took over on this one. i have several Eye-Fi Pro and they do work, but asset management is a pain between jobs and such. Outside of Eye-Fi, the custom grips work fairly well, and there’s always the USB port that some (Android) solutions are available for in terms of wireless tethering. Really appreciate the extra-help here, i’ll bug Eye-Fi a bit to see if there is an advanced / custom feature that can be added for zero footprint / wireless tethering use (really close is there “delete after upload” option. thank you!