Is IMP002 going absolete?

  1. Please let me know if the IMP 002 is going obsolete.
  2. Also, what is the smallest Electric Imp device as this would be used in a wearable device
  3. Do you know of a very small (ideally an eink device that could be used with the IMP002?


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As @mlseim says, refer to the other thread on 002.

On (2) the smallest imp is the imp003 (10.0x7.9mm). You can drive eink with an imp, yes, but obviously you need to find the right display and interface it…

E-ink is such a odd duck. It seems like it should be so cheap because of the low costs of Kindles, but it’s really expensive to buy just a small E-ink on its own.

See these:

I keep hoping someone hacks a Kindle and provides a cheap effective way to drive its display. There have been a few “jail-breaks” and ways to download to the Kindle display, but the methods are clunky.

With Pervasive Display, you can’t just buy the e-ink display by itself. You also need the driver board (development board).

You might have the easiest time to go with a package like this:

Then see how it is done with Arduino and port it over to Imp.

If you come up with an effective Imp application, please do a nice write-up for the rest of us.