Is COSM broken?

Can anyone see any data from my feed for any setting > 6 hours? – it just spins when I try to view it. Is anyone else experiencing issues?

I can Humidity currently 73.519% @11:25 GMT

mine has been working for several weeks and the temp 72.82 and 3.25 volts

I quite often see it spin when asked for 1 week or more, though 24 hours usually works.


can you see the trending data if you specify any duration over 24h? if not, then it seems like a bad thing to integrate electric imp with COSM. Are there any other solutions out there that do this before i resort to rolling my own mrtg implementation?

Just tried 1 day - spinning wheels forever

It definitely has issues over a certain number of datapoints; it’ll just spin forever. If you log (eg) every 15 mins then it’ll generally work for a week - but every 10 mins and the week graph almost never appears.

I know people who have had more luck using an alternate visualization API - try this one:

i initially logged data every 10 seconds. now 1x minute. The google version only works with the older numeric datastream ID which their site doesn’t support anymore, as far as I can tell.

Ack. I’d not tried that URL recently. That sucks. You’ll soon be freed from the reliance on cosm, though…

Actually, I lied, it asks for an id# but the code works with a text string as well. So you are building your own infrastructure? Can you provide me with an ETA so I can see if I should build my own in the interim or wait. thx.

I’m referring to agent support, which allows you to send to other services (or your own nimbits server, etc). Coming soon.

I set up this cosm feed and it was broken in a similar way you described a few days a go but seems working fine for all time scales now.

(this is just the vimp ‘imp count’ connected to the vimp ‘cosm’ in my planner)

yeah, looks like they finally fixed their brokenness.