iPhone Tethering

I’m working on a remote industrial data-logging application. There is no local WiFi network, so I am using iPhone tethering as a means to link the Imp to the internet when the user comes in range. Tethering definitely works, but I’m not sure how to best reestablish the link when the Imp is in deep sleep. Communication can only be established when the Imp is awake, and the radio is on, but even then, the Imp doesn’t always connect. I’m waking the Imp every minute or so. Any tips on how to do this without having to power cycle the Imp.

Another downside to this is that the Imp only knows about one iPhone at a time. Any suggestions on how to better deploy this concept.

I would say it could only know one WiFi connection at a time. It would need to be reblinked (re-commissioned) for a different WiFi each time.

It would be my opinion that you are using the wrong device for your application. I would say you need something that logs data within itself and ANY WiFi device can connect to it and move the data to an online server, or view the data that is stored on it. Anyone with a smartphone, within distance, can see the WiFi datalogger, connect to it, and do whatever they want.

Something like a Raspberry Pi http://www.raspberrypi.org/

The imp would not be the thing to use for your application. It requires a WiFi connection and its cloud. period.

I agree this isn’t the most ideal application for an imp, but future releases add both wifi control (allowing you to attempt wifi connection under program control, and timeout under program control too), and also the ability to set the wifi ssid/password under program control.

Thanks for the prompt answers! The compelling features of the Imp are your development environment and connectivity to other web services.

If a wireless router were added into the equation, to connect to the internet, it might work. As it is, the Imp doesn’t like to be left alone. Correct?

Any development timeframe on your wifi control features? Summer, Fall, end of year?

If you had a wireless router (or hotspot) then everything would be peachy, yes. WiFi control stuff is basically finished up so should be hitting user’s imps in the next month maximum.

In a related question, I would like to demo an impee to other folks at, say a Starbucks or Peets coffeshop. These places require the entry of a code provided when you purchase coffee,etc. What is the best strategy to connect the impee to these networks with just my iPhone and without bringing along a laptop + router or other hotspot device? Tethering or direct connect to the local WiFi?

Would be cool if we could use Starbucks Wifi someday!

@apineda: either a hotspot, or something like the Dlink DIR-505. This will “repeat” out a public hotspot on your own wifi AP, which means you can sign in once through the splash page (using laptop or phone) then use imps.

Found an awesome solution: “Internet on the Go” at Walmart for $79. It is battery powered with no monthly fee. You buy data bundles and unused data packets carries over from month to month. With small data packets from the imp, this is a great solution. Network coverage is through Sprint. ( I don’t work for Walmart or gain anything from this plug).

The data never expires? They just lowered the 8GB plan to 3GB for same price. What’s the catch?

What’s the catch? No monthly fees. Very fast 4G.