iPhone personal hotspot (UK, O2) and IMP

I want to test my imp using my iphone’s personal hotspot, so I could use my imp anywhere my phone gets connection.

I set it up, blinked up, it gives me green, but it doesn’t seem to connect giving what I read from the IDE output. Anyone tried this as well?

I’ve used imps at various times on iPhone hotspots with success.

If the light’s green it’s connected. What are you seeing/not seeing in the IDE? Note that there can be a several second lag on the first traffic after an idle period before the data starts flowing with any 3G network.

I had it running for a few minutes, with no connection messages at all, stuck to the 2 day old server logs with no update.

Are you sure you were looking at the right device in the IDE? ie, have browser open on device on normal wifi network, see log messages. Blinkup imp to new network, do you see log messages?