iOS BlinkUp SDK Update: Important Information for App Developers

For those of you developing – or have a third-party doing the development work – mobile apps for Apple’s iOS platform, we have updated the BlinkUp SDK to support Apple’s latest iTunes App Store requirements. New versions of your apps will need to meet Apple’s requirements, and consequently you will have to build your app with the updated SDK.

There are two updates. The first, SDK 19.2.0, updates the SDK we recommended you use. However, if you have yet to migrate your app to SDK 19, we have also updated the previous SDK, 18, so that it too can generate apps which comply with Apple’s new requirements. The updated ‘old version’ SDK is 18.3.0.

Both of these SDKs require that you upgrade to Xcode 7. Both also allow you to submit Bitcode-based apps (see Apple’s preliminary documentation).

Again, if you update your iOS app or make any changes to it going forward, the app must be compiled using either SDK 19.2.0 or SDK 18.3.0 if it is to be uploaded to Apple prior to being vetted for inclusion in the App Store.

Both new versions of the SDK also include a number of lesser changes. You can read the release notes here (19.2.0) and here (18.3.0).

Update As a follow-up to the above, please note that we found additional requirements needed in the BlinkUp SDK to support Bitcode to ensure successful Apple app submission and will need to release 19.2.1 (and 18.3.1). We are currently testing 19.2.1 (and 18.3.1) to address these additional requirements and pending test results, should have version 19.2.1 (and 18.3.1) available for release next week.

Update iOS BlinkUP SDK 19.2.1 is formally released, along with 18.3.1. Release notes can be found here.