Intel Edison

What do you all think of the Intel Edison from CES 2014 then ? Looks a bit familiar does it not ?

intel sort of copying electric imp. I guess I think this is a good thing. For my money I prefer the product that is already out and comes with an IDE rather than an app store. Should be fun to watch where this goes.

yeah, Intel seem to be a be doing a bit of the “me too” catchup dance at the moment with a lot of products. They have have even released a depth-sense cam to try to catch up with m$/leapmotion and a many-core processor to catchup with GPU processing.

I think in a way it’s good news as though intel may catch a dev’s eye, when he does his market research there a good chance he end up with imp.

Because they are have a big wallet and are playing catchup (with the imp and arduino) they are really spending some money, for example they have a schools program to get kids into hardware hacking and that can only benefit us long term.

I wish them well, as although they have seemingly got lazy (as a lot of companies have done in their position) I would miss them if they faded away.

That said, Intel… “get off my lawn”

Saw it at CES and it’s a bit of a strange animal. Nobody at the Intel booth would actually commit to whether it would go into production, or was just something to get some CES press…

If they did make it, in that form, it’d be hideously expensive. The thing is super-packed (=hard and hence expensive to build), with a very high-tech PCB (=expensive), an overmoulded plastic housing, and a tiny antenna (=bad range). It’s also only low power in PC terms (they mentioned it burns 1W), and “it runs linux” isn’t really an answer for an IoT device software.

I did get some straight-ish answers on I/O, and it has SPI, I2C and UART, some PWMs and some GPIO, but no analog in or out.

I guess we’ll see if it ever hits the market. As it’s really a Galileo board that’s shrunk, and that one costs $59, I suspect it’s not going to be imp priced unless Intel decide to wholly subsidise it…