Inconsistent current draw between cards

Is it possible that 2 cards could have varying current draw? One of our is around 4ua while the other is higher at 1.4ua. Is
it possible that during dev we could mess up the card and thus change the current draw?

(NOTE: we did burn out a third one awhile back).


The earliest imp002’s are about 6uA when asleep, the silicon got revised during production and later ones are about 4uA (spec is 6uA in the imp001 datasheet).

Are you saying one card is 1.4 milliamps (vs microamps?)

Apologies. I am a novice electrician.

I am using a general purpose voltmeter that’s set at the 200mA setting. So - at that setting I am getting one card at 1.4 mA and another at around .6 mA

Also - all settings are when the device is NOT sleeping.


Sounds like your meter is not reading right; there is no non-sleeping mode where we are that low. Are you measuring at the input to the april (ie, at 5v) or in the 3.3v feed?