Imps on Ebay

I found this listing

The price is right. Just wanted to make sure they would all be usable and current. What are some good questions to ask the seller? We would use these in a MakerSpace classroom and let users buy them for their projects.


You need an impee board to use these (or 100 of them). If you found April boards too then you are on to something, but I don’t see them going cheap anywhere.

Thanks DrJack. Yep, we would still need to spend $10 for the April, that is understood.

The pictures show the imps in the standard bulk packaging, and they appear to be genuine. All imps have software support, so they will update to the latest firmware when they come online.

Maybe ask them why they are selling so many imps… it could be they decided to move to imp002 (quite a few early customers did this, though mostly they did that before they bought several hundred imps!).

Thank Hugo, that helps.

Are these Developer Version? Would they work for a MakerSpace class? I want to teach the class how to connect to electricimp website and do a simple program and log some data to xively or plotly. Thanks.

@ljbeng - the only difference between developer edition cards and “production” cards are that the developer edition cards say “developer edition” on them! These should be perfect for a MakerSpace class.

Also - if you’re running a workshop at a makespace - feel free to send me a PM, and I can provide some information about educational pricing.

At $499 for 100 thats $49 ea.

You can get them from digikey or Amazon for $25 ea.
The April board is around $12.50

that ebay price seems a bit steep to me.

or am I missing something??


Yes … $499/100 = $4.99 ea :slight_smile:

I hope the auction was won by someone who’ll use them for teaching, that would be so great!

There are new auctions.

25pcs @ eBay

100pcs @ eBay

Anyone from Europe wants to buy and share the devices?

He pulled the trigger on a lot of 25 for the Duluth MakerSpace classes :slight_smile: