impOS 34 - many of my devices not yet upgraded

The mail sent out yesterday suggested a final developer roll-out phase taking place yesterday.
At least 5 of my devices I quickly checked are still on 32.12, power-cycling did not initiate an update!?

Is this expected or is the developer roll-out scheduled to take longer then one day?

Should be happening later this afternoon.

same here, Saturday and just checked one of the devices in my office.

78f540f - release-32.12 - Thu Jul 16 09:55:33 2015

Should be done in the next half an hour, I had got the impression that it was being finished up yesterday. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

4x IMP001 now on 34 (power-cycling triggered update) ^:)^
1x IMP003 still on 32.12 (despite power-cycling) :((
2x IMP002 will check tomorrow…

… and IMP003 also on 34 ^:)^

Build & run or a reconnect will trigger the update too. Right now developer devices on commercial accounts are not being included; if you would like to be included, file a ticket and let us know.

imp003 on 34… double your squirrel space now :slight_smile:

and potentially double the debugging… :wink:

Just fired up a new IMP003, it reported ‘blank firmware’ and ‘updated’ to 32.12!?
Why not immediately to 34? Power-cycling did not force an update to 34 either…
I am running a model now on 2 IMP003’s with different fw versions, not that convenient.

At this moment, we are pulling lists of IDs and queueing them individually. We will be picking up all developer devices with a code change on the server side, but it’s not deployed yet.

If you email me (hugo@) the mac address we’ll get the new one on 34 for you