ImpCentral Release 2018-05-31 (UI v2.48.0 & API v3.46.0)



  • Added device bandwidth data chart to device details
  • Assigning device(s) from code editor now allows selecting anywhere in row rather than just the checkbox
  • Device list views now have link directly to device details from far left device id column
  • Added reload button option to bandwidth charts (both group and device)


  • Cleaned up various minor UI aspects, including tooltips, empty views, some inconsistent font sizes, and redundant list view manage options
  • Minor fix for bandwidth charts input issue with particular discrepancy scenario between local time and UTC (all data is UTC for these charts)
  • Added loading icon for bandwidth charts when changing dates (this was missing, even though new data was loading)


nice one. Would be great if I actually saw all the devices from all linked accounts. I have access to two more accounts, but I only always see the devices in this specific account.


Today we deployed UI v2.48.1 and API v3.46.1


  • Option to redeploy an existing deployment from a device group’s deployment history list view (supported for development groups, factory groups, and production groups)


  • “New Deployment” button on factory group’s deployment history list view is now correctly available for Admin or Operations Manager collaborators
  • Historical device bandwidth data now loads for devices which are currently unassigned