impC001 Bluetooth

What is the schedule for implementing the Bluetooth BLE functionality into the cellular module?

And wifi and ethernet for that matter as well. The datasheet indicates those are possible, but other docs I read indicate the API will not include them.

A Dual-band WiFi/BLE board which plugs into the impC001 breakout is currently being manufactured, and should be available early next month; hopefully this will coincide with an early release of impOS 41 which includes the BLE stack, though you’ll have to ask for your devices to be moved to this.

Release 40, the initial production quality release for impC001, will be out soon.
Release 42 adds support for multiple network interfaces on imp005, local networking APIs, official impC001 BLE support, and more.
Release 44 will enable the WiFi & Ethernet interfaces on impC001, based on the APIs introduced in release 42 (and even more things besides)

Realistically, an early release of 44 (ie 43) won’t be available for several months. If you are trying to design hardware that uses the additional network interfaces on impC001, please contact us directly (eg and we can provide test units to validate your hardware design before signed builds are available.