IMP005 and BLE

Would the USB Host implementation on the IMP005 in principle allow the connection of a Bluetooth USB stick which would (provided a squirrel driver is written off course) allow communication with BLE enabled sensors ?

Is there any effort underway to provide squirrel libraries for interfacing particular USB device classes on the OO5 (eg HID) in a high level way, or to provide a guide on how to go about writing those ? I’ve had my share of frustration writing USB device class drivers in the past so I expect Host implementations to be even more tricky…

Looking a bit further it seems much easier to use the Imp as host to a BLE112 and use the BLE112/BGLib squirrel class I found on github :slight_smile:

Yep, or even the BGM113 which is the new one (which I believe is sw compatible - it’s on our list to check that out).

On the classes - yes, we have classes for MSC and HID (ask if you want them) but we will be coming out with a library to wrap the USB basics and layer device drivers on top so that you don’t end up with a chunk of boilerplate code in your squirrel.