Imp004m samples available now!

We now have preliminary imp004m samples available; if you need some, please contact These do not have the final antenna design on them, as we are doing some final tunings before regulatory testing, but they work pretty well - so they are only usable for prototyping purposes, not production.

Support material is also now online:

imp004m-breakout: (includes altium source of footprint, etc)
preliminary design guide:

We can provide a free schematic and board review - please file a ticket to take advantage of this before you send your 004m-based designs to fab!

Hi Hugo,

I put together two of an IMP004m pcb design I had reviewd by electric imp and in both cases the leds blink a nice yellow light on assembly. Howver, when I blinked them up, the app could not discover the devices and now the led is a very faint but steady red. The blink up app says the blink up failed. I tried several times but without the leds blinking I am not sure what state the IMP004m is in, and power off/on does not seem to reset themback to their rigianl yellow blinky state. Any iudea what I could be doing wrong? Thanks, Kris

Not sure - do you have mac addresses? I’m guessing you did pre-program SPI (otherwise you wouldn’t have got to blinking amber in the first place).

Don’t remember reviewing the design though, can you email that again?

I didn’t get any successful blink ups so no mac addresses,. I didn’t pre-program the SPI flash if that’s what you mean. I still have one that I didn’t try to blinkup and it is flashing yellow at one-second intervals like the other ones before blinkup. You didn’t reveiw the design someone else at electric imp did, but I can’t remeber his name. Please PM me at (I switched computers and all of my e-mail contact infor is inconveniently located, let’s say) and I will send you the design files. Thanks,


You do need to pre-program as the imp004m design guide says, though if an image isn’t found you should see the SPI flash error - was the blinking amber you saw a standard “no settings” blink, or could it have been a SPI flash error blink?

I’ll email the image.