IMP003 wake on rising or falling edge?

Is PinW the only pin to wake up IMP003?
And does it wake on high/low level or rising/falling edge?

Found it in the Imp API. Digital input with internal pull-down.

Just to confirm: yes, only pinW, high level (not edge).


Thanks Peter!

Hi Jrsikken and Peter,
I am such a beginner that I feel like Im wasting your time but how else am I going to learn if I don’t ask actual people, I can’t trust the internet for all the stuff I learn.

So here is the question: I do not have an oscilloscope but could you explain what a rising edge and falling edge is, is that only important when dealing with stuff at high speeds? I have seen square waves on other peoples oscilloscopes is that what you guys are talking about the digital high going off(falling edge) or on(rising edge)?

I understand if you don’t want to answer such a silly question.

Thanks for your time.

No problem. It smart to ask, it is stupid not to ask. A square wave has two states high or low. The transiton from low to high is the rising edge. From high to low is the falling edge. Microcontrollers have so called interrupt pins. The microncontroller can respond immediately to a change of state on interrupt pins. It will pause running code in the main loop and immediately run the interrupt code. That piece of code is called the interrupt routine. To respond to either a high or low state, in the interrupt routine you ussually check the current state (high or low) and then excecute your code

function interrupt() if (pinstate==high){ //do something cool }