Imp003 now at Mouser!


Both DigiKey & Mouser will be stocking the imp005 in the next few weeks too.

Hello Hugo, when I bought imp001s and Imp002s @ Digikey, they included the commercial/developer OS license cost, can I assume that procuring Imp003 and eventually Imp005, via Digikey also includes the developer/commercial OS license. There use to be a “wt software” mention in the Digikey’s imp003 description that I can no longer find.

imp003, 004m and 005 purchase cost does not include the commercial OS license, no.

That is payable essentially at blessing time. Previously, this was bundled as we made margin on imp001/002 due to actually building and selling them ourselves; the newer imps we make $0.00 on the hardware. We could have bundled that in, in theory, but then every customer would end up paying distributor markup on it, which seems suboptimal. This is how these devices have always been sold.

There’s no “developer” OS license fee - developer services are FoC.

Thank you

…aaand they’re sold out. We’re working on getting more stock into distribution right now on imp003 and imp005.

imp003 back in stock at Digikey. imp005 should be in stock there early next week, so I’m told.

Mouser says “no imp005 for you!” being in Australia.

Due to US Government export regulations, Mouser is unable to sell this product in your country.

Oh dear, that’s also wrong. The ECCN is unrestricted (mass market 5D992). Will contact Murata.

Same is happening with Mouser in Mexico

They should show in stock at digikey on monday, maybe see if they have a better idea on the export regulations?

Any dev boards for IMP005 available?

Direct from us at this point but yes. Contact if you need one.