IMP003; is other than recommended SPI flash likely going to work?

On Amy board the SPI flash chip takes relative much board space (5.5x6mm). I like to use a smaller chip. I’m sure you have compared many different chips before selecting the recommended SPI flash chips in the datasheet. The 32Mbit SPI flash on Lala (Macronix MX25L3206E) is only 4x4mm, is that likely going to work for IMP003?

The recommended ones essentially support the correct 4k page erase command - can’t remember the code offhand, but most of them do.

The SPI flash on amy was selected so the huge die parts could be fitted if required.

Macronix MX25L3206E has a 4K-byte Sector Erase (SE) command. I designed a little breakout board for MX25L3206E and plan to connect it to IMP003 on Murata EVB. Does the Flash memory have to be programmed before connected to IMP003?

The imp003 will detect an uninitialized flash and size it/initialize it at first boot time.