Imp002 "Shield"

Last night I took this Arduino shield and modified it to allow an imp002 with smartmakers breakout to plug directly in on the top. Then I wired the 12 GPIO pins from the Imp to the left side row. This is a great shield for prototyping and is easy to connect to. I am using it for my home security system setup, and its screw terminal make it easy to connect sensors and alarms.

I just added a row of header on top.

Is anyone else interested in making a shield like this just for the imp? Adafruit has the PCB design posted, so maybe we could mod it to add USB power, 3.3v regulator, OPTO circuit ect. I am learning to use Eagle, and it would be nice to work with someone who had more experience in PCB design. Electric Imp uses Altium, which looks really cool, but I don’t see any free versions available. Someone let me know if I am wrong.