IMP002 now available for developers!

Hi everybody!

The imp002 solder down module is now available for developers.

The cool thing is that this module is much more hackable than the imp001 card and offers 12 GPIOs instead of 6.

Originally was only for manufacturers and only for bulk orders but Hugo agreed to add some special function for developers and to allow us to offer the single piece.

Because this is a SMD solder down module, a breakout is mandatory so we’ve designed a simple breakout board that we give free with every module. We have also published a library and a sample design for Eagle:

The only “bad” news about this module is related to the availability, as the lead time from Electric Imp is at least 8-10 weeks and the quantities we can get are limited. We have ordered more, back in April, but we got assigned only 400 pieces that are expected by the second week of June. After these first 400 modules, we don’t expect to receive more parts before the end of September or even later :frowning:

The price for the imp002 solder down module we set at US$24 but we offer discounts starting from just 2 pieces and as we know the only other supplier that is going to have in stock next month this product is Digikey, that have a price a bit higher and doesn’t offer the breakout PCB.

Please remember that we ship Worldwide and we fulfill the orders from any of our local warehouses in USA (Orlando, FL), Europe (Italy) and Asia (Shenzhen/Hong Kong).

The imp002 is available on our website:

For who ordered the Hannah (still available) or our Break&Shield board, we have already sent an e-mail with a promotional code to get free shipment for the imp002.

smARtMAKER, Inc.

P.S. a great deal!: now we offer the imp001 card for developers at very discounted price, starting from $23! We also have the imp001 available on Amazon Prime, so you can get free shipment with your Amazon orders if you get it there :wink:

Amazon Prime link please? I want one!

@sbright33, only the imp001 is on Amazon, the imp002 I’m not sure we’ll be able to put on Amazon, it depends if we will have stock available or if will sell all the first batch.

400pcs are really not much, as it’s the first time that this product is available on the market and as I know the other distributors (Sparkfun and Adafruit) are not going to have it in stock (maybe I’m wrong, this information I’ve got back in February and thing may have changed since that time).


How is activation done with this module? Same as with the imp-001, using Blinkup, or is there another way?

The activation is similar to the imp001, for the developers, but you must build the optoelectronic circuit by yourself.


Dimitri, does the module come attached to your breakout PCB or separate? (I just want the module).

@danjulio, the choice we have made is to sell the module separated from any PCB. It will be required to the developer to do the soldering. This is why the PCB we offer as freebie is based on the footprint with extended pad I’ve designed, fr easier manual soldering:


I’ve got one of the 002’s on order. Does anyone have a schematic for the optoelectronic circuit?

The spec sheet has all of the information you need (circuit + recommended parts).

@jwehr, the opto circuit is very easy to implement: just a phototransistor and a pull down resistor to control the level of the signal.

I’m preparing a tutorial and a video that will cover everything, hope to be able to publish it by tomorrow.


FYI Found that putting electric tape to black out the sides of the phototransistor really help the reliability of the blinkup transfer.

@pctj101, this is a pretty good suggestion.

I will check immediately if I can find some kind of plastic “cage” that can fit with the common phototransistor we use and I will add it to the kit.