Imp002 led


I am using a custom pcb for IMp002. Is it possible to get access to the bi-colour led used by the blink up process? I would like to get the led to blink periodically to indicate it is still connected to wifi.



I have just seen a post on this - the answer is no.


Have you considered imp.enableblinkup()?

I think you’ll want to make some other “wifi is connected indicator” on the board if this is for an end user. An imp that is waking from sleep regularly throws out a lot of codes, sometimes not even green if it completes its tasks quickly enough, and that could be very confusing to an end user. I think your best bet is to put a nice little indicator LED on board and program it to light regularly when WiFi is on. As an example of this, I have a temperature monitor that wakes from deep sleep on a schedule, takes a reading, sends it to Xively and goes back to sleep. I don’t even see a green blink because the task completes to quickly and the imp goes back to sleep. I only see red/amber flashes.

If that isn’t the case, and it is always on, then perhaps the BlinkUp indicators will work fine if enabled.