Imp002-EVB Blinkup status light not working

My team has bought three of the Imp002 EVBs and we see the following issue with Blink Up on all of them. We are trying to follow the BlinkUp troubleshooting guide, where it says that the Blinkup status LED must be blinking. If it is not blinking we must restart the device.

We find that the blinking behavior of the status LED is sporadic and sometimes it does not blink at all even after a reset. Can someone help us figure out if this is normal behavior. Is there any extra step we need to do to make sure the Blinkup LED lights up consistently.

Two of the boards are situated in India and one in USA.

If the device is not able to connect within 60 seconds, then it will go to sleep for 9 minutes before waking and trying again.

When it sleeps, it takes so little power that you may need to wait 30 seconds after switching the slide switch off before you turn it on again. Use the switch to ensure the power is off to the board.

Try that?

Hi Hugo
I also facing the exact problem.
But what you mentioned above i tried all but still my imp2 not responding anything…Its just looking dead.
It’s status red LED is also not glowing when i connect it and power it with my Laptop via USB.
Thanks and Regards
Sushil Singh

Hugo. Sushil is a member of my team. Does it make sense for us to send you our Mac ids for the debug.

If the device isn’t flashing green at any point, it’s not connected and hence there will be nothing for me to look up on the server side. Where did you get the boards from?

A new, unused EVB should flash amber slowly when it’s first powered up.

If you see nothing on power-on, check the power source. You might want to try a standalone USB AC adaptor rather than your laptop, @Sushil93.

If you leave the imp un-Blinked for a few minutes, the LED will stop flashing. It’s at this point you will need to power-cycle it in order to BlinkUp.

If you then do a BlinkUp, it should go solid green for three seconds OR flash green fast. Which of these you see will depend on whether the impOS on the EVB is at release 32 (solid green). It probably won’t be, so expect to see fast flashing green.

You’ll then see a series of red and orange flashes as the imp tries to connect to your network, though these may not be distinguishable if the imp connects very quickly, so you really want to wait for the slow green flash, which shows the imp has connected.

Note that if the imp is NOT at release 32 (see above), then it will try and update, so you may see some alternative green flash patterns (all shown in the doc you link to, @MobileWave) as the imp downloads and installs impOS 32. Afterwards it will reboot, and you’ll get the slow green flash if it’s connected.


@Hugo: We bought the boards from Amazon, sold by Electric Imp. These are out of stock now.

@smittytone: Thanks for the reply. What should we do in the following scenario.

  1. Device was successfully blinked-up with network A in location A.
  2. Now we are in location B with network B.
  3. When I turn on the Imp it is looking for network A and keeps blinking red trying to find a network and then stops blinking.

At what stage should I attempt a blinkup in this case.


Just Blink the imp (in location B) as soon as you power it up. It will still accept BlinkUp signals even though the LED is flashing red. During BlinkUp, the LED will turn off, then come back on again once BlinkUp is complete and the imp begins to try to connect to the new network.

FWIW, I do this all the time, shifting imps between office, home and back again.

Check out the ‘imp Network Requirements’ doc for more info on wireless networks, in case there’s an issue for you there.

Thanks a lot guys. We have figured out the issue. We noticed that the board was getting heated up and there was no signal at 5V0 and 3V3 nodes in the following schematic.

We figured that there is a short in the S10 switch. We think they got damaged during shipping/handling in India.

We have bypassed the switch and both the boards are running fine.

I am assuming the imp will update to impOS32 on its own.

That’s very strange. Maybe in a future update we’d change that to a one-sided switch with a pull-down resistor (so a switch fault couldn’t burn power).

The imp will be on OS32 if it has connected in the last month+. It auto updates.

I cannot get this imp to do anything at all. No flashes of the LED whatsoever. Power is good. Any suggestions?

Can you comment on what you’ve checked on the EVB? Where did you measure power?