Imp001 - unresponsive after blinkup

Hi, I’ve got an Imp001, and have it initialized with no network configuration (amber - off - amber - off). If I then upload a network configuration to it, it then does:

Red - Off - Amber - Off - really fast Green - Off (and then stays off)

Then when the app tries to connect, it fails with a message of:

BlinkUp Failed
Please login and try again. See the quickstart guide for troubleshooting. The operation couldn’t be completed (com.electricimp.blinkupSDK error 16913060.)

If I remove power, and then re-apply power, I get the same sequence of blinks as above (Red - Off - Amber - Off - really fast Green - Off (and then stays off)).

The only way to clear the configuration is to time sending the clear commands with powering on the device at just about the exact same time. Otherwise, while it just sits with no blinks, the Imp001 is unresponsive.

I have tried sending with an iPhone 4, an Iphone 6, both with the same result. I have also tried with WPA2, WPA and no network security on my wireless network. Also all with the same result.

Any ideas?

Much thanks.

You realize that the imp doesn’t flash green forever. After 20 seconds to a minute or so it doesn’t have any color. That’s the way it works. I usually use pin 9 to periodically blink an LED with the device code to get a visual indication that the program is running OK. Maybe it’s OK and you don’t know until you do some device coding?

@mlseim it’s one minute. from what machyy1 is describing, though, it sounds like the LED turns off immediately after the first blink.

@machyy1 you’re using the Electric Imp developer app, right? Not a branded customer app? If you post or PM me the MAC address printed on the back of the imp card I can look into this for you.