imp001-EU where to buy?

I need 15 of these, but I cannot find a supplier.
Digi-Key only has US version.

What is exact difference between US and EU version. Wifi channel 12 and 13 available for the chip?

Yes ch12/13 is the only difference. I’m afraid imp001-eu is only available direct from us, and hence isn’t available in small quantities.

imp002-eu is on digikey though.

Hello Hugo,
I am in the UK and have an Imp-001. Is there any way to tell its an EU version (it was bought from a UK distributor “Cool Components”)?

And does it make a difference - functionally or legally - if my Imp is not the EU version?

The US/CAN version don’t support channels 12 & 13… that’s the major difference. You should see “EU” in the imp version name on the card.

Its not illegal for you to have a US version in the UK.

Hello MakeDeck,
thanks for the reply. My card does not have any print of “EU”. What’s the implication of not supporting channels 12 and 13 - would you know?

And would you know if there is any way to query the imp to find out if it is an EU version?

My Imp has no problem with my router (and I’m in the UK).

Your router has the option to use channels 12 or 13. If it is set to automatically pick the channel, and it ever switches to one of those, and you have a US Imp, the Imp wont be able to connect to your router. You can specify a channel so that doesn’t happen, but it may never be an issue. If you aren’t familiar with making changes in your wireless router admin settings, I would suggest leaving it alone as long as everything works.

Both the EU and US cards have the CE mark, but the EU one also has C-tick like this: