Imp won't connect with WPA2

The imp won’t connect to the wireless network with WPA2 enabled. It will blink off-red-orange for a while and then go dark.

If i disable wireless security the imp will blink red-orange once on startup and then blink green slowly and sometimes red quickly. The imp shows up in the active leases on the DHCP server.

The imp is in a homebrew impee, just a 3.3 V regulator and a ATSHA204 and some support passives. The imp is in the reccomended 4UCON socket.

I have set up a different wireless router and the connection is now stable but the imp will still refuse to use WPA2.

I have a node reading an analog pin and that seems to work fine and stable.

Can you give me more detail on the issue, like router type, etc?

We test with various routers and all WPA2 options (including WPA2-TKIP, which really shouldn’t exist but some routers offer it). We’ve not seen any issues previously.

As we currently don’t have a “show typing” button in blinkup, it’s very easy to mistype a password without knowing it and that will exhibit the same symptoms that you’re reporting. Are you absolutely sure the password is correct?

Sorry about the cross posting, i suspect the issue has to do with password length and not WPA2 :

Mistyping passwords is always possible but it would be really strange to misstype all the short passwords and only a few of the long passwords.

It would help to know if the red flash after blinkup only means the blinkup has faild or if it means blinkup + login has failed. That would also mean you would absolutely have to set up your router first and then the imp.

The red flash immediately after blinkup means blinkup fail. I can modify this so it flashes red a bit longer though…