Imp was working, now not connecting at all

Similar to another user here, I had the Imp working on one network and now that I’m trying to move it to another network, it won’t connect to anything. I have tried blinking up many times, on the new network and the old one, but there is no response. I have even tried wifi security completely disabled on the APs.

I get power to the board, and when I push the card in it quickly flashes amber and green, then nothing. When I try to send a Blinkup, the Imp doesn’t flash or anything.

I’m running Model Imp001

Thanks in advance for any help.


Is this the flash pattern?

If so, it suggests you have code on the imp001 that’s manually disconnecting. I would open the IDE and check the code you think the device is running. If necessary switch it to a new model so that when it does connect, it will grab the alternative software.

You should still be able to configure it with BlinkUp, even with the above pattern, so double-check that you’ve entered the correct SSID and password into the Electric Imp app, and make sure your new network is operating WiFi in the 2.4GHz band across channels 1 through 11. If the router is set to pick a channel automatically, you may need to disable this if it’s able to select channels 12 and/or 13.