Imp vs iSDIO

It’s seems a little bit hard to believe that imp/impee can make more success than the upcoming iSDIO standard? iSDIO seems to be all that what imp offer and much more like direct device to device communications, etc.

I assume that imp is in now way forward compatible to iSDIO ?

iSDIO is a totally different thing; it is not a host but rather a slave device. It requires intelligence in the device it’s plugged into. Right now iSDIO is pretty much like Eye-Fi, in that it appears as a storage device but allows the files on storage to be sent to internet hosts, or to other devices via normal networking protocols (eg HTTP to access the files).

If you’re waiting for iSDIO to do imp-like things, you’re going to be disappointed.

The imp is in a similar form factor, but is absolutely nothing to do with appearing as a storage device.