Imp tutorials for Makers

Hi all I’ve been working on some tutorials aimed at Makers who can do a bit of everything. I’ve tried to bring all elements together and allow simple, code copy and Go! to help build an understanding of the platform. I’ve started off by doing some digital in/out tutorials

T1 Digital In

T2 Digital Out

I plan to do more in time Tutorial home


very very nice, controlCloud!

I have built a couple of crude things using jquerymobile and I have found it to be easy for making nice looking stuff even as a complete beginner on the web. I appreciate your agent examples because my devices have been writing to a text file on a server, then reading the text file back. it is crude.

One thing that I had considered to get around the client doing polling on a timer is to have the imp pass a time at which the next data point is expected. Obviously this would not work for all applications but it works in cases where the imp side knows more about what is coming in the future. I suppose you would have to stop and restart the polling function every time.

Your examples will speed my development for sure. In my project I am going to try using chartjs or jchartfx for charting.

Did you mean to share your code for the web page? The April digital in application?

Very impressed!!!
If you want help, I would be glad to.

@mjkuwp94 glad it’s helped

Did you mean to share your code for the web page? The April digital in application?
Yes completely take what you want.

I use it’s free for personal use great on mobile & tablet.


Thanks & help would be fantastic will PM my thoughts

Thanks a lot for your tutorials! I appreciate that you included a site for those who don’t have hosting, but when I click on the “gear icon in menu bar” of the Digital Out site I get an “error loading page” error. Thanks again.

@enque woops that should be sorted now

thanks controlCloud. Now the window opens, but when entering an external URL there seems to be a limit on the amount of characters, this is true for both Digital In, and Digital Out. I am probably doing something wrong.

@enque ok will take a look tomorrow - {UK time}

@enque sorry I compleatly forgot about this.

It’s my poor field label!
In External URL field just enter the agent id (xxxx) from end of the full url

Hope this works


I swore I tried that. Anyway, I tried again and it works. Thanks so much for your tutorial!